Duelling Shakespeare

Do you ever sit there and try to think about the first ever story you made up/wrote? Like the very first, before you even knew that this is what you wanted to do all your life, was to tell stories and entertain people?

I don’t know what made me stare at this screen this morning and decide on writing about this particular topic. Perhaps listening to classical music while waiting bazillion hours on the phone might have something to do with it (suspect, highly suspect!). Either way, I’ve found myself sitting here laughing to myself (in totally not a weird way at all…).

The story that popped in my mind was probably on par with Othello/Hamlet kind of dramatic, complete with sword fights and love scorned etc. What the…?! I was 7 or so I believe. Which 7-year-old sits there and designs plays and enlists their innocent cousins to agree to be part of impromptu plays/dramatic pieces they quite didn’t understand, which by the way, I’m sure neither did I.

The scene that’s played in my mind went something like this: I played some bad ‘dude’ that won’t let the girl go or something like that, and thus ensues a battle to win the fair maiden…blah, blah, blah, and there are injuries, which are highly dramatized, and the hero is hurt and the maiden thinks ‘wow, you did that for me’ kind of crappy dialogue, and eventually its happily ever after.

LOL…LMAO! Dramatic much! I can’t even fathom writing something as cheesy as that now that I am a bit more practical about the ways of the world, but it did get me to think how I was already showing signs as a kid in terms of where I would be heading in life: there were two options, I was either going to be in sword fights, or I was going to be telling stories. Guess I opted for story-telling. Thank God! I don’ think I would have fared well in the other department.

How dramatic were your childhood tales of fancy? I’m not sure anyone can beat that cheesy scene I just revealed (shamefully shaking my head).

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7 thoughts on “Duelling Shakespeare”

  1. I played St. George when I was in third grade. It was the height of my dramatic career. I manage to slay friend Eddie who was the dragon. Then he invited me over to write funny jokes for the talent show and it’s been downhill since.;)

    I still have the sword in the attic. Big huge piece of wood, haha. Eddie got to keep his tooth prop I think.


      1. It was. Eddie was great on his feet. When I skipped 4 lines somehow in front of my sisters kindergarden class he just went with it. #improv lol.


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