How to begin a new writing project: some tips and babble.

Have you been wanting to write for a while but you just can’t seem to see a project through? Or rather, you feel you’ve hit a wall in a current project you’re working on? Or is the matter worse? You have the infamous ‘Writer’s block’ knocking on your door and you don’t know whether to let it in or keep denying it, while you are slowly getting depressed being cooped up in your ‘writerly house’?

Here is what you should do. Let the poor bugger in! Until you do this, he/she is going to continue knocking on your door, and you are going to continue cowering in the corner like a tortured soul! Let it in, use the period as a break, a breath of fresh air, because it is nothing more than your mind and your soul simply asking for you to take a breather and relax without the looming feeling of impending doom! So what you are taking an hour for yourself, or a day, or even a week? If it helps clear your mind and leaves plenty of fresh slate for you to start chalking up again, then that is a brilliant thing. Writers, your writers’ block can actually be your best friend some days – so learn to recognize when they are about to pay you a little visit, and give them some attention so they do not act like the ADHD symptom they can sometimes be.

What most writers don’t realize, or would not like to admit is that the writer’s block is nothing more than the anxiety that has settled in because they have spent too much time fretting over the small stuff in the story/poem/article, or worrying about the angle of the piece, or the message, or even the deadline.

Try this if you are suffering: take a moment and relax! Don’t think about the project if you can help it. Read a book, watch a movie, go out for a walk/swim/sports etc, or walk away from your desk and make yourself a cup of tea/coffee, go stroll in your garden, stand naked feet on the grass. Or even nap if that helps you, or go shopping if you are that way inclined. Basically, what you should take away from this is that you should do whatever it is that helps you relax, and divert your attention! Anything! (Disclosure: thought I should add this incase :). Do anything except criminal activities – stay away from these for your own good, and that of others. You cannot help your writing by ending up behind bars!)

Do these, help yourself relax and be in a position to write. Then go back to the project you were working in, or start the one you had been dreading.

This is what can help you dissolve/get over/ or simple jackhammer your way through a stubborn block. And feel free to share with others your own anecdotes on what helps you overcome your own pesky block. I wish you luck.

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      1. Nothing…. I was tweeting jokes and people thought they were hilarious. Read my time line….

        Didn’t do anything, someone reported me and I know not why…

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        Have appealed, but it might be a few days cause they are sooo slow.


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      5. I was kinda hoping you’d arrange my jailbreak or something.

        Actually I have appealed and expect to win it shortly because I’ve done nothing wrong.

        I rely upon my own experience as a moderator and expertise at reading and interpreting contracts to come to such a conclusion.



  2. LoL, I was reading the date as April 10, 2013, lol. Not the 4th of October, 2013…. I was like where’d the most current posts go, haha.


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