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She rushed onto the street
her eyes gazing over her watch on wrist, frequently
and almost, from the moment she stepped onto the asphalt
she came to a halt before a speeding car
and both screeched!
‘Watch the traffic, you crazy loon!’ said the driver, and angrily drove away.
Hazel glared and took a step back, today was not a day to die
or even end up hospitalized.
She glanced once more at the ticking time
peering for a taxi amongst passing wheels
and stuck her hand out at every yellow, white and silver with a sign.
She was running late, so very late obviously!
and before long she was madly flapping her arms tirelessly
one finally came to a stop briefly and she slipped in.
When she arrived at her destination, she stared up
at the sign and wondered if she had heard right.
She went in and waited outside the fancy restaurant
nervous and clicking her heels.
Her first date in over a year,
she only hoped she dressed properly.
The glances at her watch revealed more and more
that perhaps her date wasn’t turning up anymore.
Eventually she walked up to the counter and queried the maître d
if she was even on the list.
‘No, ma’am, your name is not on here.’
Hazel’s face flushed and she fumbled for words.
‘Are you sure?’
Maître d checked again, flipping a page or two,
‘Nope, not here. Though there is a reservation for two
under your date’s name for tomorrow.’
Hazel smiled wryly, ‘Tomorrow?’
‘Yes ma’am, tomorrow.’
Hazel bit her lip, she felt absolutely silly.
How could she come back tomorrow and not look so?
‘I think I mixed up the dates, huh?’ She said in a hush.
The maitre d nodded and warmly smiled,
‘We will see you tomorrow then I believe.’
Hazel nodded, thanked and walked away.
‘Oh miss,’ she turned around again, ‘I’ll have the best table set aside for you.’
Hazel smiled and nodded, and quietly stepped back out onto the street
and waited for a cab again.