Let’s try reviewing, shall I?

God help you, I’m doing my first film review!

As most of you know, I’ve only recently gotten back from a three week holiday to Nepal. In those three weeks I spend more than a week and a half traveling to and from India; first time ever for me. India trip has nothing to do with this review other than the fact that the movie I’m reviewing was Indian.

I’ve grown up watching Indian cinema. I’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and the ones they should have burned while still in the can, or hit delete. In fact, I’ve seen some shocking ones that should have never ever been made.

The movie I’m reviewing today is perhaps a very recent addition to giant shelf of Bollywood movies: Krissh 3. Funny thing is, it’s a third movie in the sequel (and I hope I’m spelling these correctly): Koi mil gaya, Krissh, and now Krissh 3. First of all, where did Krissh 2 go??? Abducted by some unseen, unknown alien? Or simply forgotten? Bizzare! Obviously, the Sci-fi world of Indian cinema is far more sophisticated and layered than that of Hollywood; a whole movie went missing and no ones that much wiser.

Where did I see Krissh 3? In a cinema complex in Nepal, 2 minutes walk from my cousin’s place. Holy moly, that was impressive. Try and find a cinema that close to my house in Sydney and you would fail! You’d have to drive, but there, they had at least two cinema complex within walking distance.

Now, Krissh 3 wasn’t a bad movie, it couldn’t be, because the main actor in it is one of Bollywood’s finest, so in regards to the acting calibre of the cast it was quite good. The SFX of the movie, and there were plenty of it, wasn’t half as bad either. In fact, they were done well except some bits where the job was obviously rushed as the release date loomed closer.

I rate this movie about 3 out of 5. I’m being generous because I loved the cast. As for the story itself? I truly can’t give any due credit to the writer(s) that penned it. Why? Well, let’s see. Krissh 3 made me feel like I was having constant déjà vu from start to finish. It resembled most strongly of X-men, movies I happen to love. The main villain, Kaal (a.k.a death), such a clichéd and unimaginative name, resembled Professor Xavier, except imagine he had a Jackyl and Hyde thing going on. Kaal also seemed to have Magneto’s powers, and his sidekick, Maya (a.k.a illusion) strongly smelled of Mystique.

Apparently the writers of X-men may have indirectly influenced the entirety of this newest installment in the Krissh series. Other bits of the movie seemed to copy and paste ideas and running themes from Hollywood infectious disease movies such as Outbreak, Contagion and the likes.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with the whole story. It lacked originality to a certain degree, and the true essence of a good movie always lies in the story, the casting and location coming in second to that. All I can say is that Krissh 3 seemed to rely on the popularity of its main cast and the new found joy in heavy SFX.

Though it was a joy to watch, because I was almost playing ‘guess which movie this bit’s from’, I do have to be honest and say it wasn’t one of Bollywood’s best.

Either way, whether you like Sci-fi, action, singing and dancing, or play guessing game, you may enjoy it.

13 thoughts on “Let’s try reviewing, shall I?

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  1. I’ve been meaning to watch this as I work at a cinema here in Melbourne that plays heaps of Bollywood movies.

    3 stars is not so bad. I always enjoy Indian movies because they’re just so much fun! And another bonus, is there like some mandate by casting directors to ignore acting skills and only cast extremely attractive people? 90% of the time my eyes are glued to the screen for all the wrong reasons… lol 🙂


  2. Pretty sure I won’t be seeing it!

    I couldn’t believe they weren’t making Marvel super hero movies in the ’80’s when I was collecting comic books. The Hulk was on TV though…


      1. That’s such a rude thing to say! They were serious comics in the 80’s. It was the ’60’s that were camp!

        I am not that old you young whippersnapper!

        I fart in your general direction! 😉


      2. I think they would have been made well. Pfft.

        I don’t think the SFX would have been Claymation. haha.

        What wouldn’t have been good?

        You don’t think a younger Scorcese could have made an awesome Avengers?


      3. I think he would have learned it or another director would have delivered a quality product.

        They (Marvel) actually weren’t certain that “comic books” would fare well at the movie theatre with broad appeal.

        Yet, the Hulk was a hit on TV and Marvels comic book sales surprassed DC’s.

        I think an opportunity was basically missed through the 80’s and ’90’s by Marvel. DC had free run at the movies with Superman and BatMan for decades while Marvel lagged behind.

        In fact the Star Wars original trilogy is held to be far superior to the later episodes.

        So I think all told the movies would have stood or fallen on their own merits, not because a “style” wasn’t known at the time.

        I don’t think we’d be looking at Camp classics, unless they started out to make a ’60’s Batman type dealio, basically.

        The newest Indy Jones is also far worse than the original series of movies.

        So newer isn’t always better.


      4. I demand good stories!

        Actually Avengers was good, and I liked Thor. But so many others are just so overdone. I can’t suspend disbelief and watch a car do a 72 in the air and defy gravity.

        In the Avengers I can cause they have super powers!


      5. You realize in 20 years the current disaster movies might look similarly cheesy, right?

        I actually think many special effects have gone to the cheese factor. now.


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