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Recently I saw a little program on TV that addressed the issue of bullying in schools and how that influences how some teens nowadays are driven to suicide more than ever before.
Obviously I can’t pretend I’m the only voice for the cause, but have to say the following poem was inspired by this story of a 15 year old who felt she couldn’t take the taunts anymore and hence took her own life. As you read this, please take a moment to think about all these young people who feel stifled.

Tides of Time
Turn the tides of time
I want to see your face again
chiseled as it were
out of golden Sun and clay
striking hearts a plenty
a little God among men
to think how silly in retrospect it all is
to think of youngsters who dared say
‘Here I am, worship me’.
Turn the fate of life
show an alleyway
to lead me to see you
as you are now – grown older
but would you be wiser
still feeling yourself made of Sun
and chiseled in clay
as were the great men of legends and myths
or will I stumble upon a face the years have changed
into etched lines that reveal the very human you betrayed.
Turn the tides
let us see
how the years have treated you, and me
the Gods and the mortals we be.