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You be the sunshine
the brightness
peeking through the thinning clouds
coy, shy, and somehow guilty
shimmering like a light after the darkness
seeking out the hurt, the afraid
beneath debris littering the land
and you ask with muster how we fared
the cold angry night
who lashed her terror with fierce wind,
thundering and flashing, and screaming away
as if maddened and despaired
birthing fear in many, snatching them away.
So you be that sunshine, you hear,
like a lover who cares, and you fix your ways
stare at the war path you laid,
show some tenderness
some love
and let thy warmth dry out the wet lands
the wet clothes upon their backs
lend some light so they may organize,
piece back their lives again.
Don’t you dare be a hurricane again.

(Dedicated to the survivors of the typhoon hitting our news, and to the efforts put in to help out.)