Unwilling goodbye

Another love is not for me
do you not see
the turmoil, the tears
the hesitant glances.
This life has been one
and only for one who has left tragically
upon a fiery devil
leaving nothing but lonely figures
dragging heavy hearts in tatters.
Why must you tempt
a heart laid to rest
with promises of dreams vivid again?
Can I not just hide
and smile at you from behind lenses
capture a moment, your youth, your love
and dream of it in loneliness?
As a fool I feel
with the hopefulness of teens
that this silly heart beats
longing for love again,
but I’ve had my days in the sun,
have I not?
Do you not see these eyes
the depth of them calling you
even as I say goodbye?

(I’m interested to see how people read this piece, what you think of the woman behind it? Are you interested to know why she is saying those things etc?… The reason I ask is basically, this poem is about my novel, Rule of Thirds, and the main protagonist.)


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