On our travel around the various temples in nooks and corner of Varanasi city, in India, this was one of the most common sight: a cow/calf/bull in even the smallest of small alleys.

Grandma’s joke: you’ll see everything in Indian streets, from people, cows and stray dogs, rubbish and such, and to add to the crowd that throng even the smallest of Varanasi’s infamously small alleyways, you’ll continuously hear the toot-tooting horns of motorbikes and scooters will disturb your walk. (It was an observation I guess, but it sounded funny when she said it.)


3 thoughts on “Famous Alleyways of Varanasi City and the Holy Cow!

    1. 6-7 days is pushing it for the ABC trek. Generally those treks go for 10days or so. It would be best if your book yourself in prior to getting there. If it’s your first time in Kathmandu, you’ll get disorientated organizing it there.

      Jeeps, basically they are referring to off road rover styled vehicles. And yes, they are now one of the most common ways to travel around Nepal.

      You can go over to India via train, but for that your have to get to a border town and board your train. The one town I know is Raxol.

      It’s about a whole days trip and you’ll have to change trains once your in India. My advice? Take bottled mineral water, and plenty. You won’t find canteen car there. Also you can choose how you travel… AC car, or open sleeper car. I recommend AC if you don’t want your seat taken over by other ppl. Lol


    2. Ps. Take Aquatabs (chlorine/water purifier tab/drops). In case you are forced to drink water they provide. Goes for both Nepal and India. And avoid eating meat and salads too.


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