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Lil Sil took a deep breath
lingering behind a tree and away from sight,
tonight was another Light Feast,
for all the young Fairies of age to earn their own light.
Sil felt nervous, apprehensive and frightened,
last year she had failed the task,
burnt the Fairy dust to charcoal alas,
and this year, she be the oldest of them all,
‘the-one-who-was-a-disaster’ and dangerous
and a little bit sulky all these months on.
So Sil hid away for as long as she could that night,
behind leaves and vine,
behind mounds of soil,
at one time so desperate and embarrassed
that she went and hid in her hiding place,
and empty wine bottle down the slope,
away from Fairies prying eyes,
and there she’d slither in through the neck
and lay leaning against the back wall.
Here she was safe, no matter if she was spotted
for she was the only one who could ever fit
through the tiny necked round gate.
She knew not how, she knew not,
she wasn’t the smallest,
but somehow, she was the only one who knew how.
So there she hid, waiting out the hours to midnight
hungry and scared.
She could not fail once again,
though she’d been practicing her potions and spells.
As the Moon rose taller, and as the time came,
Sil slide out by magic and made her way,
to that famous fountain of youth
with the little stone cherub
and her fate.
Tonight, she could not fail!
…and if she did?
Well, she had decided
that if she failed, then she would not ever go back home
to knock on that door
and forever be the joke.
Tonight was the night that would change Sil’s life
whether she stayed in South Grape, or whether she left,
a tiny Fairy in the big wide world
without a light,
without a way.
So Sil sighed, and took another stride
till she stood facing the cherub once more.

Lil Sil and the Light Gathering
Little Sil the Sulking Fairy