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Come close
I’ll tell you a little secret
about life
the strange and the beautiful
the joys and the pain
that cripples
till you double up
in laughter or in tears
and it takes no mercy
no favors in light
whether you love it or despise
it will move on
move you on
through forest greens
or grass dry and thorny
or the parching deserts that relentlessly stares
you down to the bone
and asks
‘What brings you?’
till the voice fades on its echo
and you no longer know
that life has brought you
full circle
to realise just how far you’ve come.

There, that is it,
and lackluster.
This is life
singing its beat
from beginning to an end
no rhythm
no words
no street signs
just a beat
your two feet
and the ground beneath.

This is life.