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I knock on the door
to hear a strange stirring inside
like the sound of something heavy slithering by
and nervous I wait to hear a thundering cry
‘Who knocks so late at night?’
But no such sound come
nor a flicker or light seen
and I tempt the doorknob
to find the door glide,
‘Hello!’ I cry, quiet at first
then louder and louder
stepping further and further inside
through what little light filters through the doorframe
unaware that it glides quietly like a ghost
and shuts.
‘Hello?’ I whisper in fright
unsure wether to step back or neigh.
The house lays in slumber
quite, mysterious, and pitch dark
I stretch my hand out unable to see my own fingers.
‘Anybody home?’ I try taking a tentative step into the dense shadow.
Yet not a soul stirs, not even a shadow.
I reach into my pocket for a box of matches
struggling of course since I’m rendered blind.
I find the slender match and finally strike.
Whoosh! The flame comes to light,
and I find myself standing
staring aghast.
Terrified I fumble,
then mumble
and stumble
scared for my life.
Should have never teased the dark
not with such a tiny spark.
I watch, eyes wide
the Beast rise.