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I don’t speak my mind,
not a lot,
not really any, if at all,
for what’s the use really,
when all the responses lack,
humans have turned slowly,
into an image besotted,
with the one on the mirror,
or perhaps the screen,
putting on a show,
a persona that speaks,
like robots, removed and ill fitting,
forever glued to the irony,
that has been deemed social media,
yet no longer are on display,
the old ways, the true ways,
of connecting,
of caring,
for someone living,
but rather the image,
a phantom really,
existing, a vague representation,
of who each really are,
or has the so few decades ironed away,
the essence of humanity,
essence of the community that was,
beyond the threshold of our homes,
now confined to media,
even if social it rings,
and spins into a realm,
social media.