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I write this in a sleep deprived state
hoping for coherence and some sense
yes some sense
a sense to my sentences
or perhaps some sense you display
or you
that why you be reading something silly
quite silly really
if it started with this
‘I write this in a sleep deprived state’.
Go on, take a moment and think
really think
what was it you were hoping for
a story
a scene
an emotion riddled piece
or an observation of life?
Or just something silly
since that’s how it began.
Here is what might astonish
or even despair
or you may laugh
or smile
that humans are curious
curious indeed
to know and discover
to expand beyond their own life
seeking knowledge
or a moment
or a new breath of life.
And that’s what brought you here
to this silly little poetry
that truly isn’t about anything
but you and me
being silly.
So go on
turn that frown
(if there is one)
till it’s upside down
as I bid you goodnight.