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I’m sure your memory is fan-bloody-tastic and you’ll remember this painting I was working on once upon a time. Well, things have kept interrupting so I hadn’t been able to work on it in several months. But today, something curios happened. I got called by an event organizer saying he would love to display some of my artworks and that I’ve already been mentioned as an artist in their program. What the?!

Now don’t get me wrong, I was ecstatic, but that still gave me a problem. I actually realized I don’t have that many new pieces to display! Crap! Crappitty crap crap!

So I thought, I still have a month. Or 3weeks rather. I can get one or two pieces more done by the time it’s needed! So yeah, I rummaged. Well there really wasn’t much rummaging to do ’cause the pile of paintings I’m half way on is quite high and sitting in a corner of the dinning room.

I dug it out! Yay, go me. And got my hands dirty! Though I have to say I didn’t get too far with it tonight. Just a flower and a stem and few leaves.

There’s more! More flowers. I’m a bit anxious though, since this is my first time painting flowers. Wish me luck! I need it to be ‘displayable’. Lol



Lol. Not much difference between the two yet. How am I doing? 😀