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She feels at the top of the world
hovering like a phantom girl
light and breathless
reeling still from the emptiness
that has rolled down the hills
the higher she climbed
the less burden felt
the world lay below at her feet
no more cares
or whimsical affairs,
no, the heart lay beating
for reason removed from love,
not here, not now
not in the moment that tested
her whimsical heart
the fear it birthed
the grip it held
yet she stood
at the top of the world
alone, utterly alone
precisely the way she felt
was it that time
to take the leap of faith
arms out like the wings of a bird
soaring through the air
towards what
only time would tell.
Would she meet her maker
as it were,
or would she soar
over land
and finally spot home again?
She knew not
but took a breath
rising her arms