Poem: Blending World

After a while
the road look the same
the words look the same
with the same old trees and hedges green
lamppost spaced accordingly
and driveways lead into homes
where families live
some picture perfect in their happiness
some with hidden scars beneath
pictures and frames deck the walls
similar furnishings
and that familiar smell of cooking
but where does this leave the orphan
who neither knows nor dreams
what it will be like to ever be
as one with his or her family?
After a while, truly
every wall begins to blend
every face looks the same
every home feels the same – empty.
Where does that leave a child wanting?
After a while
the world blends.

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I'm a writer of stories I'd love to read. I dream of being a best-selling author one day, but don't we all? I'd also love to work as a scriptwriter in Hollywood. Dreams that seem impossible really, but I'm gutsy/dumb enough to try. l love all things paper and pen. Believe me, I collect them. I write novels, poems and scripts. I paint. I have two Kindle novels, In Strange Company, and Charming Mr. Stewart on Amazon.com Follow me and my progress on my blog, www.papermashed.com, on Twitter @evacharya, Facebook 'Author/Filmmaker- Eva Acharya', and sign up for my email.

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