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A year in review!
2013, what can I say
about you?
You carried with you a terrible burden
’13’ gleaming
like the haunting of ghastly nature.
You lingered as if taunting
high and mighty all year
and in you we saw something of awe
you gave us 11/12/13
with a rippling roar
and sent twitter all aflutter
I dare say somewhere
a bird lay tired from the flurry.
It was a year that halted for me
all the events
and time ticked so slowly
I, suspended in midair
brawn and brain nothing
but a decorative pineatta in the air
and so gravity went topsy-turvy
and I threw hopes
at nothing more than the glimmer of days
and wasted hours beneath sun selling wares.
Lessons I learnt aplenty
at times even felt like a kid
and the world a giant classroom
with a stern teacher at its head.
Nothing more you gave
and ever more you took
of memories, a mixed bag of things.
And as you drew close
the walls let go
and amongst new grounds I stood
as glorious as though a flower in hopes of spring.
Though harsh you have been
you have brought daring
to a timid thing
and surprising ideas swept
the mind and I dove
towards making ones own opportunity.
While you stood at the cusp of your end
you yielded and showed kindness
untainting your very stigma from 13,
and as you turned, you offered gifts
gifts or grand dreams,
of many streams,
a map of sorts,
all to lead
down the roads
of 2014.