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Welcome, welcome
to this odd site of many a things combined
where poetry runs rampant
not always to make ‘the sense’
where stories falter to alter
the perception of men
at Papermashed you’ll find
odds and ends of an author’s thoughts,
combined with attempts at short stories
but truly, I vent,
on issues that surround the cursed trend
of artist all struggling to make friends
with the future
where ever it may end.

Welcome, welcome
me and my friends
those familiar and new
those quiet and wonderful
this year shall be a continuation
of some same old rambling from me and my thoughts
yet this year is a year where I shall strive
to do as many creative ventures as humanly possible
I shall make a ‘doco’ as they say in Aussie land,
and take my chances with a heartwarming tale
of a middle aged man,
and if things go smoothly
as they do when I dream
perhaps this shall be the year
the year I make ‘Naam’ (aka Name) for me.
So stay tuned
tag along as a silent army
and we shall see how many colours this year shall bring.

Welcome, welcome,
to you,
and me
let’s make something of 2014!