Social experiment and a film review.

What could a person be doing sitting up wide wake in the middle of the night? Say around 1am?

Writing? Surely! Otherwise you wouldn’t really be reading this, would you now?

But, seriously, what would other people, besides writers be doing staying up this late into the night? So late in fact that it is an hour into the morning!

An odd thought has intruded me. I’ve just come back from watching a star-cast, glamorous, stunt-filled, with epically dragged out chase scenes Bollywood creation called Dhoom 3. You know how I found it?

In all honesty? I really think the movie only began after the intermission, the dialogue needed work, scenes with no purposes needed to be nipped, great actors were wasted in roles that limited their ability, and frankly far too much money was poured into it, trying to mask the crucial faults it had at its core. I love Amir Khan, I do. I think he is a brilliant actor, perhaps one of the best Bollywood has, but he was truly stunted as a performer in this. And a thought intruded, as I watched the film as to what compels people to spend so lavishly on scripts that really needs work.

Well, that’s an entirely different kettle of fish for another day. The point of this post is that, here I am, after 1am on a Saturday night, wondering about what compels people to do certain things, like staying up for instance.

I’m hoping you guys will interact here. This is a social experiment in the smallest scale. I want to see if I can’t turn you stories, your reasons for late nights into a short story/script. So…

In a paragraph or so, what has been or are some of your reasons to stay up awake late into the night, and why?
Any interesting events you’ve been through?

Come now share!

Here’s a little of something I personally went through, it’s only fair I share, if you are to share with me too.

… Few years ago, I was involved in a film shoot. One of those nights, I found myself in a hotel room baby sitting expensive equipment all by my lonesome. All was fine, or would have been fine if the hotel hadn’t been in Sydney’s Kingscross, a notorious city spot. Suffice to say, I didn’t get a wink of sleep that night for fear someone would steal into the room while I slept.

Silly, but true. I was young.

So go on share you tidbit.

3 thoughts on “Social experiment and a film review.

Add yours

  1. Okay, I’ll bite.

    -I used to stay up until at least 4am during my teenage years to watch WWF pay per view events.

    -I went to a club which closed at 2am and then went with a girl back to her house. What I thought was going to be a night of passion turned into a screening of John Carpenter’s Halloween. It was July, I think she just liked horror movies.

    – My Dad managed a hotel, we got a phone call to say a guest had died in the night. We had to get the body out of the hotel to the waiting undertaker’s car.


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