You ever have that? A moment when you don’t know what to say/write/think/do? It’s not exactly a ‘writer’s block’, no, not really. It’s more like a moment of pause. Life is simply paused for that time, not that you are going to freeze on the spot, not that the actual ticking hands of a watch stop, but it’s just a feeling of being in a halt. Why? I don’t know. I guess we all have our own moments, as I have mine today. I feel at a loss for words, not that that means I’ve stopped writing, in fact, I’m writing to you right now… but it’s hard to describe. It’s almost as if I’m standing at a crossroads in life, and it has given me options, yet I can’t move ahead. I’m simply observing.

I don’t know if many know this, but 2013 wasn’t a very good year for me personally, or at least, that’s what it felt like, yet lots of things happened in that year that it was neither a boring year. I started studying part-time, lost a job, became a full-time student, started my own blog for better or worse, tried out markets with friends to see if I had a business bone in me, self-published my own book, travelled overseas, met new people, continued loving the ones in my life, suffered ups and downs, and struggled to make things work, and wound up the year participating in an art exhibition for the first time, through which met new friends, and invited a new years with enthusiasm. Why? Because, although in many terms 2013 was harsh, in other terms, it made me take actions that have inevitably brought me to this crossroads in life. And today, I’m simply taking time to breathe it all in. Pieces of the puzzle that is life seems to be fitting slowly, oddly and randomly into place for me at the moment, and all I can do is go with the flow.

Where has the flow taken me so far into 2014? To a prospect that may possibly help me realise a dream, and truth be told, I can’t wait! You’re looking at someone who has been given a chance to co-write a series. If it succeeds, and I hope it does…

…and that is where I am speechless. Trying to fathom what the rest of 2014 can possibly offer.

I haven’t yet said this to you who have been so welcoming and supportive; happy New Years! Hope most of you, if not all of you, be that one step closer to your own dreams. What ever that is. 🙂

Sometimes, being lost for words is good for the soul.


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