All about You

Comparing, weighing, scaling from 1-10, asking for feedback and reviews etc. are all ways for people to try and validate themselves or their works, or it is an effort to finds one’a weakness and strengthen them with some guidance. Fair enough, it is only human nature to try and improve or impress. But as a writer, these traits can leave you somewhat wounded, somewhat dissatisfied with your own effort, and eventually you become your worst critic. STOP!

I really mean that. Stop. Please do not compare yourself to other writers published or otherwise. You are your own person, you have your own personality, and you have your own individual experiences. Basically, you have your OWN life. Thus, through these you have your own voice, your own writing style, your own narrator. Just like you shouldn’t be comparing yourself to another, you shouldn’t be comparing your craft to another. These things I mentioned about You are things that are however similar, still unique to you. No one else can claim to BE you if they weren’t born as you, meaning, they are you. Hence you are one of a kind.

This actually goes to everybody. Stop comparing yourself to the girl/boy next door, that kid in school, that colleague at work, that family member who seems to be great at everything, and don’t try to be something akin to a character from a story, nor mould yourself into the cast others make for you, and don’t damage yourself by following in the footsteps of askewed media representation. It is by far the worst punishment you can endure, and why? All for being you?! No. Be you and be free. Freedom allows for great thoughts, wonderful aims and keeps intact your valuable confidence.

Remember this as you go about your day, and perhaps keep it in your mind as you venture further into 2014: the only person you should ever compare yourself to, if at all, is yourself and your past! Be kind to yourself. It’s your right.


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