Mood Writing

Mood Writing.

What comes to mind if you had to imagine a suspense writer as compared to a drama writer, or romance? Would your first thought of a suspense writer be one that suggests this particular writer lives a life full of suspense themselves? Or that the drama writer has all sorts of crazy sh*t happen in their life continuously to provide them with substance for stories? How about that romance writer? A perpetually hopeless case who falls in love countless times?

It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Either that or they lead a very scary and unbalanced lifestyle. Well, writers aren’t crazy, and if they are, they wouldn’t admit it. Because, if such was the case then the uncomfortable truth about fantasy writers would be that they ride unicorns and battle wars with Elves and Dwarves alongside, or pixies and fairies be as real as the shadow that belong to us. Just imagine how many writers would be deemed loony!

The truth about suspense, drama, romance, fantasy or any other genre writer is that they don’t necessarily have to have gone through a particular scenario to be able to pen a tale we can invest our imagination in. And the ultimate truth at the end of all the arguments etc. is that writers write what they are comfortable with, and their comfort depends on their mood!

Writers are moody! Yup, without mood, the work doesn’t sizzle but fizzles and ends up a crumpled mess on the floor having rebounded off the bin. A writer in less than a romantic mood will not be able to pen a fantastic romantic story, nor a writer whose mood speaks of mystery be able to sustain an interesting feel good comedy.

For example. I don’t pigeon hole myself and say I am a ‘romance’ writer, or a ‘action’ writer, nor that I am a ‘poet’. Why should I? Only because my first novel was an ‘action-adventure’, my second a ‘romance’ and I write a ‘poem’ every single day? No. Simple. I’m a writer. And what I write at a given moment is always entirely dependent on my mood. Somedays optimism takes over and I pen romance. Somedays intrigue takes over and results in action/adventure/discovery. Other times observation strikes the mood and I end up stringing a poem to capture what I see/feel/taste/hear etc.

It’s a involving craft – it involves our ‘present’ and sometimes our ‘past’ in order to breathe some ‘reality’ so that the stories have a ring of ‘truth’ to them.

Writers are also introverted actors to some extent. They ‘play’ each of the characters in their stories to bring out a certain ‘voice’ or ‘personality’, so don’t let the genre fool you, and you go off thinking this is how the writer always is. This is only a figment of their imagination, and the path that imagination takes is entirely up to whether the writer feels happy, sad, curious, intrigue etc. at the time of the story’s inception.

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  1. Liked your article. I never really thought about this but it is interesting. They way authors write sometimes you think that the good detective book was written by perhaps someone who had had a job as a detective. But then what about paranormal YA and all those vampires and zombies… hmmmm.


    1. Precisely. I mean, the writers that write detective stories etc will probably do a lot of research before they start writing, but nevertheless, most of these writers have no previous experience in the field. So it’s quite interesting how they can still portray a world relatively filled with reality.


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