Reversed Life

My oddest piece of poetry. Read from the BOTTOM- UP! That’s how it was written. 🙂


Ok. A word of warning to those who venture forth through my newest, pipping hot poetry. Read in reverse or you’ll simply get lost! Don’t ask me why I wrote it in reverse. I certainly didn’t set out with that in mind. An art does what an art does, I simply jot it down. What you guys think of it? Working, or EPIC fail? 🙂

Reverse life
she who now lives dreaming.
at those living simply
she who used to laugh
she is taking
I can’t believe this be the road
you must be joking
has fallen for a 9-5suit immaculately
she who laughed at silliness of others
anything more than the air
over a man who never was
has simply fallen
flimsy soul with no more room for life
to never be caught with another
she who swore on her mother
and cry for mercy
she who made them…

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