Such a simple question but the answer is never as simple as one would think. Today, I thought I’ll try to blog about the first thing that pops in my head as I sit here, and the thought is of a question I was asked earlier on in the day when this person saw the picture of my ‘Ganesh’ ink painting as wallpaper on my phone.

Am I spiritual? Why did I stumble on that question? In all honesty, it’s a trippy question because I guess my understanding of spirituality is slightly removed and towards the sideline of religion. Yes, I am spiritual. I guess if I weren’t then I’d truly have no interest in writing about humans and human conditions, nor socially comment on religion, gods and goddess, karma and what not. Well, I tripped on the question because, I am religious only to the degree with which I understand my own religion – I can’t claim I know any more than what I do know, so in a way, me being religious is a matter of opinion. However, spirituality is different again, isn’t it? It asks more about internal beliefs, not the external seen through visits to temples/churches/mosque/synagogue etc. It asks about our beliefs in the supernatural to a degree, about our awareness of all things around us, living or otherwise.

Why do I have an image of Lord Ganesh as my screen saver? Am I proclaiming my religion, or am I showing how deeply spiritual I am? Neither really, there are more than one reason. I have it because I take pride in how beautiful he turned out. Second, I love what he represents as a symbol for humanity to treat all life on Earth with respect, after all, he has the body of a man, but the head of an elephant, and yet, almost all Hindus that exist in the world revere him. Why? Because he is symbolic!

Do I believe in heaven and hell, and all that jazz? Not really. However, I am a big believer of living by example, and karma. What goes around, comes around. That makes me very spiritual, and I respect all symbols that remind people to be mindful in their lives in this way. These symbols may come in quotes, icons such as images of Gods, hymns and songs. Each deserves due respect for what they try to teach us about the ideals of life we should try to live up to. Makes us better one thought at a time. One action at a time.



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