Excuse me while I think ‘Cinematic’

I feel have been neglecting my precious and precariously simple cyber life these last few days, or more like a whole week, where I’ve gone longer without needing a ‘post’ fix everyday. Such an addict talk that, but seriously, what is happening to me?! Lol.

No really, on a more serious note, I know I haven’t been posting as much as I used to even a week ago, and found myself surprised when I check the stats and wondered why the impact is quite low. Dah! I have offered nothing more than a few breads crumbs, have I?

You will have to excuse me and my poor efforts. Turns out 2014 is already becoming a very demanding year indeed, and I’m quite fine with that. I have my book to finish polishing, market the one that I have published, research for my feature script and write and direct few shorts all the while co-write a major hunk of bilingual TV series in the works!

Turns out I am to put my ‘cinematic’ hat on and think like a camera for most of this early part of 2014, so you will find that my poetic self and novelist persona will have to take a well deserved breather.

Excited? Hell yes! And on top of all this, plan and plan a great pitch or two!

So here is an early disclaimer or two for 2014: one, I will be less likely to post poetry after poetry and more likely to write snippets on filmmaking, second, I may not make much sense from now on for most of the time. Seeing things as though through a lens most of my waking moments is gonna take some toll, reducing me to a blubbering, venting and panicking monkey every now and then.

Here goes nothing. I’m currently writing a pitch trailer script and planning the pilot all at the same time!

God help me!


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