Writers, Toughen UP and thicken your hide!

For those who missed it. Be TOUGH 🙂


I was reading an ex-Hollywood Writers Agent’s blog the other day on writers and how talents are always being scouted because their simply aren’t that many around or discovered. Why? For variety, for change, for a fresh take etc. However she mentioned a few reasons as to why writers out there are lacking in numbers, and foremost was that writing was a cruel mistress, beating down on the sensitive individuals who eventually give up trying because, let’s face it, breaking that glass ceiling is like pulling your own teeth out while you are jammed between a jagged rock and an extremely hard place at the same time.

After reading her article on the fact that writers need to show their faces more, an image suddenly breached my senses and I could almost feel the thick hide we need to grow in a very short time so that nothing less than…

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