When imaginary friends come out to play!

Take a moment and walk back into your childhood with me. Did you ever have a moment when you enjoyed spending time with particular friend, or friends your parents never quite understood? A certain friend who was very special to you. One whom your parents might have suspected as residing within your imagination alone?

I never have. I never suffered the excitement of chatting openly to an image only you see. What a bland childhood in a sense. I was too practical, making my own books and stuff out of spare empty pages. But seriously, I can’t pretend I understand those of you who had imaginary friends, nor the friendship you shared. I can only say, I have never been alone though, in all honesty. I didn’t have imaginary friends that I could scare my parents with, but I had quite an imagination that my parents needn’t worry about entertaining me in those private-consoles-gaming-gadget less age. I grew up in the outdoors, jumping terraced land, roughing and tumbling out under the beautiful sun to come home without realising I was sporting cuts and bruises from the days adventure.

Now, in my adulthood, I am almost surprised to realise that I do in fact know what imaginary friends may have been like for those of you who had them. As someone who has been living by creating characters for this story or that, I have come to realise they seem to be present around me, forever tittering through and talking nonstop in my mind.

I have only come to realise this as I sat to work more on the TV series script. I thought to myself, and laughed: so what I didn’t have imaginary friends in my childhood, I have them now in my adult life! Only, they pose as characters in stories and tales I’m working on. I guess I’m in the big leagues compared to the kiddies. I’m not restricted to one or two make-belief friends. I have an arsenal! And they keep changing depending on what I am working on.

These characters, my dears, are just as real to me as invisible friends. They look a certain way, they sound a certain way, they have particular likes and dislikes, and habits and weaknesses. They can be sporty or girly, or unsure of themselves. They may be blue eyes, brown haired or as bizzare as grey eyes with jet black hair. They can be of any decent and laugh a certain way. Some are lonely or some lost, some pray for love and others lust. It’s a big world out there, truly it is.

At the end of the day, we are all just trying to keep sane and healthy. If invisible friends come knocking on our door, we certainly won’t ignore. It’s entertainment and company when company is what we lack.

Today, I made friends with a young man whose future has already been planned and decided on. Come along, follow me on this new journey to see another imaginary friend come alive with their friends and family. ‘Summer Days’ is another tale for television, and I suddenly have about 10 ‘friends’ taking shape.

It’s certainly a crazy, crazy world indeed.

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