What’s your morning ritual?

What gets your out of the bed and into the daily grind better than anything else in the morning? Do you grumble and moan ever so disgruntled because you have to wake up? Why does morning ever come around, right? Do you continue snoozing for almost an hour after the initial alarm? (I’m guilty of that). Do you get up quite refreshed because you enjoy it? (:o I know there are a few of these unusual humans amongst us!) Or are you one of those that spring up like a Jack-in-the-box toy as soon as your alarm sounds? I have a cousin who does that. It was one of the most amusing things I’ve ever seen in life, seriously. I will never know how someone in deep sleep could just as surprisingly get out of it. Mind you, it usually takes her a few minutes after that to truly wake up, stumbling down the corridor to the bathroom.

Mine is tea, straight after brushing the pearly whites (I don’t even know why they are thus referred since natural teeth enamel is never actually white.) back to the point: I have to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning and I mean actually enjoy it, undisturbed! 5 minutes of peace before the craziness of life gets in my face.

But in all seriousness, what is your morning ritual? Something that equips you to face the rest of your day fairly emotionally stable? Let’s face it, we all get a ‘little cranky’ when our sleep or our rituals are disturbed so the term ’emotionally stable’ just about nails that tail on the donkey.
Do you play music/radio loud, watch the news, read a paper, meditate, exercise at a gym or become a hamster on the treadmill at home, or yoga perhaps, and what about some who head straight for the fridge to fix breakfast. What’s your ritual? The one that allows you to function in the morning?


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