In Strange Company – now in hardcopy!



Allow me some silliness for a moment! It’s been a long time coming and I’m finally holding physical copy of my novel. It’s a mixed feeling but I’m sure we all go through that.

I’m stocked with well over 400 copies that need to find a loving home! So, please, if you’d like to grab a copy, it would be splendid news for me and my ears (or eyes for this matter). I’m selling them for well under the recommended retail price of $29.95. Instead, you can grab a copy of ‘In Strange Company’ for AUS$15.95.

Now I haven’t figured out how I’ll do the sales, so if I’m posting it out to you, unfortunately I’ll have to add P&H on top on it, but will not know how much that will be till I take a copy to the Post office and ask for prices within Australia and overseas.

Otherwise, there is the electronic option from Amazon and Smashwords and it’s partners. Usually $2.99 online, but at the moment, to celebrate the arrival of hard copies, and because I’d simply like to see more fly off the shelf, eBook version is on sale for $0.99 till tomorrow night only.

If you’d like a hardcopy because reading a book on the screen isn’t really the same as holding a brand spanking new book in your hands, then please drop me a word on and I’ll get back to you with the how and what not.

Sorry for self plugging my own thing, but us artists have no other means of advertising and getting the word out there till we are picked up by some giant distribution that has to all but sneeze to get people’s attention.

Danke Schon you beauts!!!


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