What Is the Value of a Book?

For everyone that loves books, pay a thought to it’s worth, even if it is ‘just’ an eBook.


Value 2

It’s interesting to compare the value of a book to other products:

  • Suppose you’re thirsty and decide to buy a bottle of water. If you’re lucky, you might get a bottle for 99 cents (plus tax!); you might spend $2 or $3. A few minutes later, your bottle is empty. Is an eBook that provides hours of entertainment worth just the same?
  • At lunchtime, you might grab some fast food for about $5. Maybe not the best meal, but it’s quick and relatively cheap. You gulp it down in a few minutes and it gets you through the day. Which is worth more—the meal or a good book?
  • Remember the last time you went out for a movie. Were you able to get a ticket for under $10? Did you double or triple your expense with popcorn, soda, and candy? When the movie was over, did anyone say that the…

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