If I am to be very honest: what the? What is a writer’s resume and how is it very different to other resume?

Good question, huh? I certainly think so. And how did I even stumble upon this oddity? Well, I was checking up publishers in the writer’s marketplace and their criteria, and it turns out that majority if not all publishers would like a writer, especially if they are new and unsolicited, to submit their ‘author resume’ along with the query/submission. What a scary thing to ask for!

However, I guess it makes sense. After all, we are trying to approach them to take us under their tutelage and turn us into ‘published’ authors. There is a big difference between being a person who loves writing to being a professional in the field. The readership alone means a handful or thousands, or if you’re lucky, millions.

I have never even attempted to write such a specific resume, but seeing how I’ll have to bite that bullet some time or other, I thought what better day than today to start sampling ‘writer’s resume’, perhaps pick up a hint or two.

Any of you ever had to tackle this? How did you go about building yours? Any tips and tricks and genuine suggestions, feel free to share. 🙂


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