Writing Phase

You know what I mean by that if you are one of the writers out there who doesn’t have a preference for what you write: poem, short stories, novel, scripts etc. You can go from writing poetry one day to penning a novel, and then a script the other.

I know I haven’t posted in a while, which seems crazy for someone who would try and do a daily posting. Why? Am I not into blogging any more? No, I am. I’m just writing the material that can sit pretty on a blog.

As of late, I’ve moved on from the phase of poetry. I have. Don’t know why, but if I sit down to write a poem right this instant, it would be like trying to squeeze out dried paint from a tube. Instead, I’ve taken up writing/working on scripts again. Better yet, I’m trying to turn some of the more fun, quirky poems such as ‘There be a shadow’ series into short film scripts. Haha. It has been such a fun exercise, translating these poems into the visual medium! What looked like it could be a good 3-4 min long film each in my mind turned out no more than 2 mins on paper. If you know the basic rules in scriptwriting then you are aware that 1 page is equivalent to 1 min of screen time. So, I’ve sat there trying to debate with myself whether I should mass ‘There be a shadow‘ and ‘There be a shadow: Part 2′ into one script, or mix all three episode?!

Jeez. It’s been a week, and I still can’t decide! Help me out: shall I only mass two poems together, or all three? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Writing Phase

  1. I just finished the first draft of my first screenplay. I ended up with 176 pages. I started rewriting day before yesterday. Good luck in your genre change. A word of warning. Script writing can become addictive.


      1. Because film making is such a collaborative medium, it frees the writer from having to cover every aspect and detail. A novel writer, with the exception of some editing, is pretty much the whole show.


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