The Circle, is a short suspense/horror movie being made in Australia by a small yet dedicated team who want to bring you a quirky supernatural story, with comic elements. Sounds tricky, doesn’t it? How can a supernatural, suspense/horror film have comic elements? That too in a short format?

Well, we think something like this hasn’t been made yet, and that is what makes our venture, The Circle, entirely unique, and we don’t mind admitting it, because we are having so much fun experimenting and trying out a something that could set us apart not just as writer, director, cinematographer, sound designer, composer, and actors, talented, talented actors. It is a team effort, and we are loving it so far.

Ask any of our cast and crew if there’s even a single bit in the script they would suggest needs change, then you will hear a resounding ‘NO’. That’s how much we love what we are making, but love isn’t always enough to make us move mountains. This is where our attempt at crowdfunding comes in.

Nowadays, there are plenty of online crowdfunding sites operating, like Kickstarter, Pozible, Indiegogo, etc. What all of these have in common is that they are all helping small fish like us in this giant amoebic industry to capture some audience who might like to help out financially and make the film happen.

The team behind ‘The Circle’, including myself, are now nail-bitingly dependant on running a successful fundraising campaign so that we do not have to compromise on the film’s quality. This basically means, without help, The Circle, albeit fun, will be a very hard mountain to move.

So please, help me, and help this little short film reach it’s target set so that we can bring to you, a wonderfully intriguing story which we are sure you’ll enjoy as much as us.

Please check our Pozible campaign. The pledges start at only $5, and with most pledges, we offer you something in return. Help us raise the funds, and get your name involved in the Film’s Credits and be part of our film family! Spread the word. We would be eternally grateful for your kindness. And who knows, one day, we ourselves may be able to pay forward your kindness to another team who are starting out like ourselves.

Like us/Follow our progress on our Facebook Page

Thank you very much, and we love you!

The Circle Team!

and me!

If you want to watch something quirky, and handy we made or the wider world, then check this out: Fake Blood 101



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