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I have no idea how this has turned out. In fact, when I started with the three words, I had no idea what I was even trying to write, only that the words demanded I write them. Have mercy! lol. And hope it’s liked.

‘Close your eyes,’ she begged
‘see not beauty at all’,
her slender fingers caressing,
his eyelids close gently.
‘See not the false images of history.’
‘The world is wrought with pain,
shackled in rules vein and no more green remains,’ her fingers laced
revealing shards or light but no shape at all.
‘Rise, and follow my voice,’ she whispered at his ear
breathing delicately near,
and upon uneven land she lead
and soon he felt the air change
the strong stink of dirt caked.
Her hands drifted gently away,
‘Take a look.’
And so he opened his eyes and stared
at a barren dusty land,
turbines for trees,
dusty haze drowning the blue skies,
and scars upon mother deep and soar.
‘There is no beauty left in me,’ she despaired.
And then he turned, and there she stood,
Gaia, no longer fruitful,
no longer kind and luscious,
no longer alive.
‘There is no more beauty,’
she turned away,
‘so close your eyes,
go back to dreams of rolling hills
and rivers deep,
that no longer exists.’