The title says it all! That’s it, done. No need to read further ahead cause there may not be any further ahead to this post!

Nope, just kidding. I just dropped a bombshell (not much compared to big celebrity shockers, but still). I’m making a movie! And before your mind wavers into territory unknown, here it is. I’m literally less than 24 hours away from shooting a short film written and planned by yours truly. Perhaps the reason for this shocking insomnia! Okay, past 12 am is insomnia in my books. I usually doze off within a handful of minutes!

But the point is, The Circle is a very special film to me, albeit short because it is the first one I have done myself from scratch. It’s also my taking-the-bull-by-the-horns approach to do something about it.

Like suspense movies? Then you will like this. Like horror? Then this may be your kind of flick. Or are you fond of comedy, always looking for that scene that makes you grin or laugh? Then I’m pretty sure you will laugh at intervals in The Circle. Want all three in one? Then watch this space.

It’s ambitious, it’s quirky, and it comes with a twist!

Check out:


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