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What am I thinking about, or doing right this instance seems to be the number one focus of social media these days. Even just 10 years ago, social media only extended as far as emails and Hi5, and MySpace stuff, if anyone remembers them. And now…? Well, now, even kids as young as 8 have smart devices that has the capability to connect you to any one person in any corner of the world. Scary? Hell yes!

Imagine where all this ‘socialising’ in the most reversed introverted and self indulgent way ever known to mankind will go given another 10 years?! Think about it. Already we have the likes of Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, several blog hosts like WordPress and Blogger, and Instagram and Tumblr, and Flickr and what other crazy nut program there is that ensnares us into its trap. We are so connected now that statuses have literally become mini news feeds on what every single person in our orbit is doing at any given chance. Yet, it’s very sad when I observe younger generations with their faces glued to the screens even as they try and converse with one another. Pretty soon they will text one another in something that looks more like codes than language while sitting right next to each other. Where is this tech-savvy world taking humanity in its ambition to catalogue every person’s life?

Why am I rambling about such things? Well, our privacy for one matter. It used to be something prized once upon a time, and now we have our information suspended in ‘clouds’ able to be retrieved from anywhere and by any one who knows what they are doing? We are getting people from other side of the world call up trying to sell insurance or what not with enough of your details to make you really consider who else and how many people, who are complete strangers, have access to your details. And why?

There is a new low. Especially with our contact details being sold off by companies etc. The other day, a telemarketer from South-east Asia called up telling me that they are from the motor insurance company and that their ‘records’ show that someone in my family has been in an accident! Truly? TRULY?!

What is the world coming to? Is that the new tactics of sales now? Hijack people’s information, harass them, and try and manipulate their emotions to get their money? I use ‘harass’ because when one sales person got told off for poor tactics and callous approach, another rose its head like a monster and tried the same approach. 5 calls in one week! Lets just say it was very appalling behaviour and got me truly thinking what a world it will be in another decade where humanity will be snuffed out of society and we will no longer rebel, nor put a fight, but accept such behaviour.

My stance with these horrid people was to ask them how they would feel if I was the one calling and telling them that their loved one(s) are hurt?! You know the answer I got mostly? Fumbling, bumbling idiots who couldn’t answer the question and hung up. That’s right, hung up!

So, next time you pick up that phone and its a telemarketer on the other side just as your about to eat dinner, or worse yet, at 10:30 pm at night as you slip into bed (and yes, that’s happened), don’t dare tolerate a rude, insensitive and callous idiot on the other side, because to them, you are simply a number.

Be wise. Never hand out your details to anything or anyone. And better yet, be careful the questions you answer. And with that thought, goodnight!