I’m sure this happens to everybody, and I mean every body, when there are days you are just taken hostage by a song looping itself over and over and over again in your head till it renders you pathetic because you find yourself humming it louder and louder, regardless of where you are.

You know, some mornings I even wake up with a song looping in my head from the night before, as if the whole time I was asleep my mind kept ‘singing’ to its lonely no-ones-home-at-the-moment self. Amazing!

Not our fault I guess. Some songs are simply too catchy, or have a great meaning, but what about all those songs that you neither know the word of besides the chorus, or worse yet, it’s a foreign song, like the ‘Gangnam Style’. Only Korean people understand that song I bet, but the entire world has heard it on repeat several times?

But we still attempt it don’t we, the singing it bit?

You know what’s worst? Singing a song, either out loud or in your head and you even know the words! Or at least the sounds the words make. Right now, at almost midnight, I have a song stuck in my head that I know the words too. But… And yes, there is a big but. I don’t actually understand the words, not all, and that my friends is irony. I know the song but I don’t fully understand it. For all I know, I could be swearing like a sailor and not know it. Lol. Although I’m pretty sure this particular song is not of such crash nature.

Which songs send you loopy?! I’m sure I’m not suffering this fate time and time alone.


2 thoughts on “Loopy!

  1. I personally seem to have a new song each time, and its presence is relentless, drives me bloody bonkers 😉 I cant remember for the life of me what the song was, but it came last week and I only knew 2 lines!!! OMG, twas akin to chinese water torture lol…I feel ya…Luv Dawny 🙂 xxx


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