Per-occupation of a Bored Mind

You ever think about the things you are thinking about, thinking why on Earth you’re thinking about it in the first place? And that leads you to think about how weird your mind is? Confusing, huh?

I wonder, strictly from a research point of view the kinds of thoughts that trail through the minds of people who are bored, either because they are not doing anything at all, or because they are waiting, nervously or not for something, say an appointment etc.

What does your mind roam to when you have nothing to stimulate it with? This question probably seems irrelevant to most of you because you think hang on, why would you not have anything to stimulate your mind in the era of i-gadgets. But really, you’re mostly just using the gadgets to keep your self from getting bored in the first place. It is a sign of boredom!

Remove the temptation to divert your mind with technology, leave it with the only thing it can do to entertain itself for as little as 10-15 minutes and see what your mind starts thinking about. Go on!

Then after you’ve done this, please come back to this post and comment on your discovery.


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