Oh boy, new toy!

How many writers are out there, or other creative people out there (and let’s face it, we are all creative one way or another) feel that when they happen upon an idea, it’s as if your birthday has arrived and you’ve received a new toy to play with?

Weird analogy, but it’s true. Every time I get an idea for a story whether it is for a poem, a book or a script (because I indulge in all three) I can’t help but get extremely excited about it. So excited I may as well be a bumbling happy child.

It’s such a rejuvenating feeling that, because it aids my need to create one way or the other and makes me feel like I have some semblance of control. We writers probably from time to time feel like mini-gods, with the worlds we create for stories and characters etc. It’s a good thing because it keeps us striving to do something new, something fresh, something that will speak for itself.

Few weeks ago I got this idea, the tiniest idea for a story, and suddenly it demanded that I play with it. So the last couple of weeks or so I’ve been writing this story which is exciting me beyond belief because of its simplicity yet it’s ability to touch those who come across it.

I’ve been told to pace myself, not to hurry it in case I trip and fall flat on my face. But today I saw an inspirational video by a scriptwriter who demanded I let go of all and any fear for a few weeks and just focus on what I am doing. So that’s it. I’m not going to worry that I haven’t let he story shimmer in my brain for weeks, in stead, I’m writing, and as crazy as this sounds, setting my own world record for a work completed.

Lets see where it takes me aye. No fear over here today (and hoping it lasts a lot longer). I’m almost three quarter of the way through the story I’m working on. Truly believe in a week more, if not interrupted, I could have myself a complete new joy I can be proud of.

My advice. Just write what you want to where you want to and as long as you want to. You have a story to tell, so tell it as honestly as you can. Don’t worry about the rest for this moment.

Write well.


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