Faulty Stars and Some company

I’m sure many have heard the buzz around a recent film that’s currently still in cinemas around Aus, The Fault in Our Stars? The book turned to film genre…

I understand it’s target readership is teens, because, well, the characters are teens, and I have nothing against books that target specific groups. In fact, all books do this regardless. But recently, as in two days ago, kind of recently, I started reading the book. I’m on chapter 3, I think.

Now, this is the first time I’m reading said book, and I have mostly abstained from reading about the book or watching the movie as yet. I happen to be one of those people who prefers to read the books first and then chase up their movies.

There’s a reason why I’m now reading this recently gifted book before any other books on my to-read pile. Why? Well, a month or so ago, I started writing my first scratch-to-script story, and it’s a full feature length. Then, almost two weeks ago, I saw the first trailer for The Fault in Our Stars. It left me feeling a little uncomfortable…

It had cut so close to one of the themes running through my script, and left me wondering how close? So I had to find out, but not before I completed my script.

From there on in, I avoided the trailers, teasers, reviews, or book on that film like a plague. What’s so scary about a book-turned-film? … Well, I didn’t want that story to have any impact on what I was writing, cause, lets face it, when we read something, it will no doubt shift our thinking ever so slightly, and I didn’t want that to effect my story. I had to write it the way I thought of it first without external influence before I could venture out there and allow myself to read something, or see something that could potentially be too close to what I wrote.

I finished my script couple of days ago! I took a breather for a day, and last night, finally grabbed a copy of Faulty Stars!
Time to now see whether it has any semblance to my script.

How do you cope with writing something someone else might have already thought of before you got to it, even though you never knew of the other’s existence?

I’ll let you know the results and my thoughts after I finish reading the book. Here goes nothing…


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