Being Human

You ever feel anxiety, curiosity, thrill, glee, and dread all at the same time? Are you afflicted with the condition where you feel the world’s eyes are on you. You are examined, observed, your conducts noted?

Don’t worry, these are all side effects of being human!

As thinking, speaking, making creatures, we are asking for it! Why do we speak our thoughts? Why do we create art, movies, music, architecture, machines? Why do we observe stuff, experiment, go on a journey, read a book, go to college etc?

I believe all activities centre around the fact that we like to share our discoveries, we like people to enjoy our creations, we like to get feedbacks on how we did and where we can improve. Why? Because we can’t ever siege to learn. And learn we do, from spoken language to body language, to textual language, 2D images or moving images – we crave improvement. We crave, in a sense, acknowledgement that we are worthwhile. A validation. It’s an inherent need that desires to be fulfilled, and most of us go through our lives trying to fill that gap.

Right now, I’m waiting for my own validation. It’s the honest truth. In fact, every time we write a blog, post a status etc. we are waiting to be acknowledged. It’s not a bad thing, trust me. We all need that little push, that little pat on the back, that odd thumbs up, whether its in personal life, professional or cyber life.

We may all just be an atom in the world, but by no means is the world any fuller without you. So take a moment today, or tomorrow, or the next day, and allow yourself to acknowledge your own existence, no matter how many other drops are in the ocean. Sometime we should look on the inside and not the outer world to make us realise ourselves. And the next time you find yourself waiting anxiously in the wing to hear a ‘well done’, please remember, you’re not alone in sharing that need.

… What a tangent I went on… Lol. Honestly? I didn’t even know what I wanted to write to you all about. Just felt like it was time to put another random thought out there in the ether.


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