Faulty Stars: Catch up

I’m half way through reading the book. I’m not entirely from the target audience so I’m not sure about the story yet. But then again, I do have a whole half of the book to read, so will hold my judgement till the very end.

The only thing I’ll say is, I’m not a big fan of the whole first person narration thing. It’s not just this book. Just that, I’ve never been entirely comfortable with 1st person. Makes me feels unnaturally hijacked out of my own body and thrust forcibly into another’s whose mind isn’t entirely in my control, nor personality as my own. It’s indeed an unnerving thing, being asked to astral project yourself into the character and live their lives on paper. I find it slightly creepy, hence probably a reason why I don’t ever attempt a 1st person narrative myself.

I like telling a tale, as if the outside observer with the privilege of reading thoughts from not just one character but all whom I come into contact with in the duration of a given story. It almost feels like a super power of sorts, don’t you reckon, to be able to see their actions all at once and read their thoughts?

So there it is, I’m not entirely enjoying this experience of being forced into the character while reading. I dare say, I will not enjoy the read as much as I was hoping. However that is by no means a criticism of the writer, John Green. In fact, I applaud his ability to write in that format that has always seemed so scary for me personally. And perhaps it’s because of this discomfort I feel that I haven’t really been able to enjoy the story and its nuances fully as yet.

Well, we’ll know soon enough how I go with the whole thing in a couple of days. For now, however, I am very happy indeed to see that this story is by no means anything close to what I’ve given a month of sleepless nights to write because I simply couldn’t think of anything else requiring my attention.

Happy indeed!


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