Faulty Stars: Last words

Well, well. I just finished reading the book. Have yet to watch the movie, but anyway… What do I think of it now that I’ve finished it? I’m sure I’m going to get few people agreeing with me on the below review and most would hate me for saying what I say.

It’s still first person narrative, which means I was uncomfortable throughout the read because of my dislike of first person narrative in general. The story? If I am to be as honest as I can, it really wasn’t my thing, even though I’ve written on the topic of cancer and suffering myself. Why? Because, for some reason or other the characters felt a little too inwards if that makes sense. I mean, sure there were all these relations the book explored, but I felt as I read, the design of the story, the narration and dialogue kind of had an invisible barrier between its world and ours. It didn’t allow access, and unfortunately because of that, I couldn’t fully immerse into the story nor feel for the characters that would normally make anyone emotional when reading such tragedy.

What of the characters themselves? I’m not sure. I can see where the appeal is in loving both Hazel and Gus. Star crossed lovers who die too young. I did like Hazel, I have to admit.

Another thing that didn’t settle well was the parallel trying to be built with the book the characters loved, and the hanging end the actual read itself has. Not sure if it was a smart way to end or not but then again I’m sure the writer didn’t make that decision lightly, so cudos to him for not staying tied to conventional ending.

As to the original reason why I started reading this book in the first place; to see if it had any resemblance at all to my own story. I’m glad to say, nothing at all like what I’ve written, so I do not have to worry about these two stories colliding. So far, have had three preliminary reviews for my piece and am glad to receive encouragement to pursue the story and strengthen it further. Here is hoping that one day, I can present you with ‘To the End’ one way or other.

Happy reading.



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