Reason behind Blogging

I know most people keep a blog as a diary, or scrap book, noting down life and what they come across etc. My reason is perhaps a little different to so many and familiar to others.

Papermashed is for me to keep track of my writing, explore new genres, delve into new methods, try and get used to having my work read without much hangover and angst over it, or paranoia. But another equally important reason is to tell myself and others that I write. I write for me, I write because I enjoy it, it brings me joy, and I write because I dream. I tend to normally forget that part of wanting to be a writer is to also promote yourself, get known etc. I usually forget to do this, to promote my work, to let you know they are out there however few. I’m training myself to talk about my work more often now than not.

So, please find the links to two of my published works (albeit self), they are my little attempt to stand up in a crowd and wave in case someone happens to wave back. Please feel free to leave reviews/comments if you have already read these, or do so later.

In Strange Company

Prickly Humans – Poetry


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