The Third Wheel

How often do you plan something or other in life, be it your next hour, day, week, month or year? Or better yet, plan you entire life, that if you were to, you could conjure up images in your mind of what you’ll be doing in 5 years time. Yet, things happen, people, places, weather etc can interrupt, change, or let your plan run off a cliff and high dive into unknown territory?

I had a plan for life, and somewhat still do, still working on it, still striving for details. For example, a short term plan was to try and write a chapter at least each day for the book, A Million Smiles for June, I’m writing. Have I been able to do that? Nope. I’ve had a third wheel grab the rudder and stir me else where or on a detour. That third wheel? Life! There are so many elements in a day we cannot control, and eventually, it’s like a small shock wave passes through the system on the otherwise and confuses the hell out of people. No one can guide us…

Anyway, the point is, there will always be distractions in life, minor or major, but we all have to navigate through it, forever, reaching for the original vision. So, will try once again the aim. 4th chapter of the book should be done tomorrow and posted up so you all can catch up on the happenings of Chad and June. It’s the most moving chapter yet in their journey!

Night night. Take charge!


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