Keeping Muse

So you’ve just had the most brilliant idea for a story, and you’re pretty sure it’s unique and riveting. What’s next? Why, writing it down of course before you meet the terrible trio called, boredom, time, and pace.

If you’re writing a poem, maybe you don’t need to worry about the first two, but you might come across any of the three or all three if you are writing it as short story, novella, book-length, or scripts. So how do you keep the flame of the idea alive till you finish writing the whole thing from start to finish? Here’s a hint: Keep your ‘muse’ alive!

How do you do that? Well, first thing is first, find out what inspired you to think of the story in the first place. Was it an image you saw, was it something you heard, was it something you felt, or perhaps a scene for the story? What was it that inspired you in the first place? Find that out and you are half way there with knowing how to keep your muse!

Here are some examples: during my first novel, it was the image of seeing four students walking around on the deserted school yard. Every time I needed to kick start a session of writing, that was the image I conjured to mind, and viola, I was at that place once more!

Example two, for my second novel, it was the idea of a woman tying to keep from falling in love desperately. Any time I needed a kick to get the story moving forward, that was the thought, the idea I used to get me back on track.

For the third book, which I’m currently writing, it’s an image that first inspired the story, an image of a homeless man on a rainy street side, and the poem I wrote that felt incomplete. Every time I need to set a writing mood, get in the headspace I need to re-enter that world and continue constructing it, I go back to that image and the feeling I was trying to convey through the poem.

You see, the trick to keeping your muse is to keep that initial inspiration tucked away in your mind as alive as the day it inspired something in you. Believe me, it has an endless source of inspiration to slap you with whenever you’re in need of it. It’s what will get you writing word after word till the tale is done!

I say this sincerely as I write this post straight after a session of writing the 5h chapter in ‘A Million Smiles for June’. I wish you luck. May you keep your muse too!


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