Poem: Soar

This poem is something special, like it hit a cord deep. Take what you will from it, let the images guide you a little way at least.

Come spread your arms
like the birds of the sea
take a gander, won’t you wander
alongside me, up where heaven lay,

Perch, won’t you atop the highest trees
let the water flow through your fingertips,
leap as though air beacons, floating
through the maze of clouds, down through the rough dirt,

Feel the wind beneath your wings
they flutter, all a mutter like clothes
made from silken dreams, weaving
a life born free, amongst dirty deeds,

A bird will soar, that much is sure
those tired arms, let roar
beneath the Earth that grieves.
Fly – oh, let it fly, for a moment, ever brief.

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I'm a writer of stories I'd love to read. I dream of being a best-selling author one day, but don't we all? I'd also love to work as a scriptwriter in Hollywood. Dreams that seem impossible really, but I'm gutsy/dumb enough to try. l love all things paper and pen. Believe me, I collect them. I write novels, poems and scripts. I paint. I have two Kindle novels, In Strange Company, and Charming Mr. Stewart on Amazon.com Follow me and my progress on my blog, www.papermashed.com, on Twitter @evacharya, Facebook 'Author/Filmmaker- Eva Acharya', and sign up for my email.

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