Foolish try

Try and try
that same old trial
countless, restless nights
duly grasping at things that fly
like gossamer in the sly
so close, forever teasing
the feathery touch
no more though, unseen
sanity fraying slight,
as old bricks aim
straight for bulls-eye
taunts, such callous taunts
reason unknown
for myriad scars
that bears the soul
new and old.
Hope. What is this new light?
Dare not dream,
such filthy lie.
There be no heaven
no, not here.
Unworthy such life’s drive.

Why try? Let’s leave the dream
the only way this foolish heart knows how.
So let’s leave. Today, or tomorrow
as quiet as the entry
let no trace of I, remain.
Foolish try.


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