Say it ain’t so!

I’ve been reflecting a lot on what I’m trying to achieve and where I’m heading recently, and I’ve come to conclude that I’m definitely wanting to pursue the writing, whether it’s in the film side of things or books side. I love writing, I always have. I’ve been making up stories since I can remember, whether I found cousins to play the roles I whipped up, or whether it was simply me, my imagination and wide open plains and steep hills around my house back in Nepal. I’m just doing the same thing, making up stories, in a more strategic manner as I’ve grown up and learnt that you can’t just recite your stories to the wind. No one will remember them eventually, not even you!

So what am I doing about it? I’m gonna self-publish my second novel in a short few months. That’s what I’m going to do. As of this week, I’m focusing my energy on trying to tighten the story up a bit more, make it flow all sexy, after all, it is a contemporary fiction aimed at sophisticated women of all ages in amongst us. Though I’m sure guys will like it just as much if they want to take a break from action/adventure, crime, thriller etc.

Rule of Thirds, my dear readers. Rule of Thirds!
Don’t forget that name! I’m going to start promoting aspects of it sometimes in the next few weeks. Release a chapter or two to get your opinions. Seek your help in choosing an apt cover, and eventually, after it’s passed under the careful eyes of an editor, I will be bringing you a story I was inspired to write. It’s based on a true story!

Just before I end this post, how many of you loved reading books like P.S I Love You, The Notebook, Bridget Jones’ Diary? If you love at least one of these books, or all three, you will no doubt love RULE ON THIRDS!

Stay tuned!!!!

trial wacom copy(Image: A cover art design for Rule of Thirds)


2 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so!

  1. Good. Self publishing the second novel is a very intelligent move. Looking forward to the book,l. When you mention books that became hit films, I would like to read it and discuss further about it.


    1. Yes, definitely Julian. I’m interested in seeing how readers find it too. So far, trailing it on few people and the response has been uber positive. So that has me very excited.


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