Sample Chapters of upcoming Novel

I know many of you have bought a copy of my debut novel, In Strange Company when it first came out. I have a proposal for those who have read it already, and if you liked it and would love to read the beginning chapters of my next book put up your hands. I’m thinking I’ll provide complimentary chapters to those who are interested in reading the new book. And in exchange, I just want to hear your thoughts on how you found it etc, or other commentaries, suggestions you might have.

For those who haven’t got the previous book and would like to read the new one’s sample chapters, I’d love it if you would consider supporting me with a purchase of the debut work and then let me know that you are interested in the new. That way I can send those chapters to you.

Rule of Thirds is a contemporary drama with romance elements through it. The reason I’m interested in getting a trail run happening with the sample chapter is to get a feel of how it is received by the audience because it’s gone through a bit of a face lift.

If you’re interested in helping me out, please leave your comments below, or email me at

Thank you so much! Means the world.


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